Week End

Wednesday – We were supposed to have an ‘important’ meeting at work so we all rearranged our work schedules to be in the office and it was bucketing down rain (though the winds didn’t reach the Tropical Storm Warning strength for any sustained period of time) anyway, so the outside trainer decided to cancel, "to make things easier for us". What a good joke.

Thursday – On the water again. Not quite as overcast and rainy. I was actually worried at one point I might get a sunburn through the clouds as I had forgotten my suntan lotion, expecting it to be more inclement than it was. Still, we had a small squall wind come through at an inopportune time though it didn’t mess us up as much as it could have and we got a rain front just at the end of the day when we were all dried out from the morning showers. Suzanne had invited a friend of her (and the friend’s young son) over for home made pizzas but the kid had homework which was fine since Suzanne had a cold so I ate his pizza for him.

Friday – A day with many small upsets and accomplishments though on the whole moving more forward than backwards. Or even sideways. But we did have home made pizza for dinner again.

Saturday – Suzanne went farming and I went banking. Yeah Saturday banking & ATMs. Then we ran some other errands, which is code word for shopping. Lots of shopping. Which inspired Suzanne to make cornmeal muffins. she also has a lot of other stuff cooked up but its all vegetables so for some reason its the muffins that we’ve been eating for dinner and breakfast.

Sunday – A sleep-in morning. We’ve been doing Swank accounts for an hour or so now and think we’ve got this week’s finances sorted out. I think its time for some video games to clear my head.

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