Now how I always say things always take longer than expected? (Like updating this blog?) Last Thursday (IIRC) I went for my walk in the morning and then transplanted some purple ground plants. this was one of those little jobs I’ve always got stacked up. I needed to move some from where they were growing beyond where we wanted them to a spot where they hadn’t caught as well. I (re)discovered that a problem with the new spot is that it is in the root shadow of a clump of palms. So I had to get the pick axe to dig through to the soil beneath. After putting everything away I found I had missed one of the plants that had got dug up but not replanted. So I stuck it in some soil until I could deal with it on Friday. But the shed with the pick axe was locked. Also Saturday morning. It wasn’t until Monday afternoon, a public holiday but both I and the gardener had to go to work apparently, that I was able to get the pick axe and do a ten minute job (including walking back and forth) that actually took about five days. At least I can get it off my ‘to do’ list. Now, what’s next.
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