Saturday we got up and went for a walk. And then I baked cookies. Next was a club Christmas lunch. Then I baked more cookies. And took them down to my church Christmas social; where my auxiliary group packaged them up with other treats for the kids at the ‘orphanages’. I didn’t help with the packaging as I got roped in to helping with the Men’s Fellowship’s Bartop Shuffle-board Tournament. We picked up ingredients for Suzanne’s Stuffing on the way home.

Sunday morning Suzanne made stuffing for her church lunch. Which we skipped in order to take the day off. We went to see Narnia in the afternoon and then called it a night.

Monday we were up not quite as early as Suzanne had planned and went for our walk. Then a mad day of work and then home to a meeting with our contractor. Tomorrow I need to write up the meeting notes so we’re all on the same page. (Actually, I’ve got two other, unrelated, meetings to do the same for. Maybe I’ll get them all done one time.) I’ve already processed insurance documents I need to drop off at the bank tomorrow. It seems it might actually all be starting to come together. But at what a time.

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