Christmas Day

Yay, Christmas Day is over. Wait, that
doesn’t sound quite right. Though I am happy to be having a relaxing
boxing day just ‘off-gassing’. Yesterday we opened our presents, had
breakfast with Suzanne’s family, went to church, opened more
presents, prepared stuff for lunch, had lunch with Suzanne’s family,
left them and had dinner with my (extended) family and then came home
and stayed up ‘late’ so I could take cold medicine for the night. Yup,
my cold has come back (or found a new friend) so that may be why I’m
a bit blasé about Christmas Day. It was a good holiday, however,
filled with family and cheer. Wassail to all who are hopefully making
more active use of Boxing day than I am. (And so not suffering from
any enforced post-holiday ennui, like me.)

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