Week Kicks Off

What a Weekend. Saturday was non-stop errands. Sunday non-stop family (and chores there-for). Monday was fitting in errands around a full day of work. Fortunately I was able to cross a couple of both types off the list today, rather than just adding to the madness. Hopefully by tomorrow evening I’ll have been able to get a couple of ‘complete’ things done.

One of our goals is to clear out a store room by the end of March, so we don’t have to keep paying rent on it. One of the things I plan to do tomorrow is take a step back by putting some more boxes in it. Though they’re the kind of boxes – empty – that I can throw away when everything else is out of the storeroom, if we haven’t made use of them yet. So I don’t feel too bad about doing that.

but that’s tomorrow. What did I get done on the weekend? Well, I managed to bake some oatmeal cookies. Normally I keep a supply of granola bars on hand for snacking at work. They’re ‘nutritious’ and I could work out their points easily when Suzanne had us on Weight Watchers a while ago. Well, after Christmas (I did the cookies for my church’s cookie give-away) Suzanne decided I should make them weekly to replace my granola bars. They’d be ‘healthier’ and cheaper. (Not factoring my baking time, which costs Suzanne nothing 😉 However, what it turns out she meant was “I prefer to snack on your cookies”. So I’ll take the extra work as a compliment.

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