So much to do, so little to say

Its been a ‘busy’ week since I last posted. mostly taken up with a weekend, hence the inverted commas around busy.

Friday a few of us got together for a muted end to the week. But I did find out that to jump a diesel engine it helps if you spread the jumpers over both batteries. And that it takes a lot of juice to crank the engine. Here I had thought it was just our larger work trucks that had the double battery rig because of their size, not the nature of the diesel engine.

Saturday was lots of tasks. I even went in to work for a bit.

Sunday was a weekend. We lay in, went to a pick-nick and watched the football games.

Monday was a public holiday so more weekend. I had a couple of friends come over and we played Monopoly. We were all old friends but strangely we didn’t catch up a lot. Most of my attention, at least, was focused on the games. I need to remember that for next time. Don’t try and find an activity to chat over, the activity will take over.

Tuesday I water sampled. At least it wasn’t wet. I also had my first class at the Civil Service College. PR in a Government Agency. We’ll see how it turns out in two months.

We’ve also been checking on the building site. They’re up to seven rows of bricks and three inspections so things are moving along nicely to our untrained eyes. There have also been two burst pipes so others may disagree somewhat.

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