Interesting Weekend

Its been an interesting weekend.

I spent Friday evening maning (a word my spell checker does not recognise) a work booth at a school fair. It was a good one. A steady stream of people but not too many for one person to handle. Except I felt like I came down with a small cold. I was sitting there, waiting for it to open and realised my throat felt fuzzy. You know that moment, right?

Saturday I returned my props to work, including a few lionfish, for the guys doing another booth on Saturday evening at a different (larger) event. Then I worked on Suzanne’s aunt’s computer, cleaning off excess old programs. Then I took the rest of the day off. Because it was a weekend and I was sick. Until my parents called, minutes after I had got in the hammock, to say they were heading to town to view the building site. (Things are progressing nicely, thank you. They should be close to the second floor by the end of this week coming, to my untrained eye.) Then we watched the sunset at the beach and did some shopping before coming home to watch videos. Suzanne likes her movies.

Sunday was a feet up day. We didn’t even leave the house for lunch. A bit of time in the garden (that should have been done Saturday evening, oh well) and moving dogs and that was it. Until Suzanne went out to sit with a cousin who is having a baby. hopefully they’ll both get some sleep tonight.

We’ll see what Monday brings.

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