Its been a week of constant motion: work & classes & errands and visits (Suzanne’s cousin & my cousin both have babies). I spent Saturday working a booth at a local arts fair talking about the marine environment and helping kids colour in fish masks. Then we went straight down to a get-together at my parents place. The invitation had said “bring a salad”. My sister worked out why so many people in our family are overweight, based on the responses of what people said they would bring.

Doctor: “Patient Bothwell, do you eat much salad in your diet?”

Patient Bothwell: “Salad? You mean like cookies? Or patties? Or cake? Or corned beef sandwiches?”

I think the closest to a ‘salad’ that anyone replied to say they would bring was a potato salad. Our hypothetical doctor would not be impressed. (Not that I can talk, since I did a pineapple upside down cake, as I could do it in the morning before I left for the fair. We ended up with two of those cakes. At a salad party. Great Bothwell’s think alike.)

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