SubAqua Saturday

I had to work Saturday. Work Under Water! So maybe ‘had’ should really be ‘opted’. For Earth Month (Day) each year we do a Reefwatch Survey. this year one of the local dive companies put on a special dive for it and asked if we’d send someone along to talk to the guests. I was able to take the job. I think I gave a decent talk and I got a good dive out of it.

The trip was to to the Kittiwake wreck but because we were doing a reef survey we did the surrounding reef first, then spiralled around the outside of the wreck and back to the boat along the top. It was a very good dive.  though it did remind me of how neat a dive site The Sandchute had been, until someone went and sunk a big old ship in it.

But the ship has attracted a big young jewfish. The DM I was down with had one of our new lionfish spears looking to see if there were any that needed removing (one of the other DMs got 1 on the reef). The jewfish let her get within about two feet of it. It would have been a great picture of why we don’t have many jewfish around any more; and why you need to put shipwrecks in marine protected areas and not let people spearfish on SCUBA.

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