I’ve started another game of Pirates! This time planning to play with a Royal Sloop. Possibly the best of the small ships. And the best way to get certain ships is to take them from a pirate. (Because they’ve got their ships upgraded already.) Before I can find Rock Brasiliano to take his ship, the Spanish begin hunting me down with Royal Sloops. Hellooo Ship. Then, after getting my ship and finding a defenceless city to pillage repeatedly until I am Admiral of all the Oceans I’m sailing along the north coast of Cuba and what do I see …  a Ship of the Line. The best big ship and one you never spot. Maybe once in hundreds of hours of game play (unless you’re really working towards them). Whoo-Hoo!

However, we went to launch the real boat on Saturday and both batteries were dead. Despite having been turned off the whole time. So the boat is still on dry land. Aaaargh.

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