Out All Week

Suzanne’s gone out (a funeral mass unfortunately) but before she could go we had to jump-start her car. Seems I left the lights on when we came home the other night. Actually we found this out a day or two ago but this morning was the first time we’ve had time to rectify it. All but one evening this week we’ve been out to things after work. (Which made doing anything before work challenging, though I did get some ‘paperwork’ done a couple of mornings.) Just last night Suzanne picked me up from work with the information that she had booked us for something before the evening event she had booked us for. So we went from work to a ‘reception food taste test’ and then to a ‘pasta party’. Which is OK for Suzanne in her little black office/cocktail dress. I’m not sure that my work polo shirt really dressed up my work shorts all that much but at least I hadn’t been wearing my work t-shirt. Though it did give the chef and I something to make small talk about as he cooked-to-order the pasta.

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