Went walking this morning. Just a short one to get myself back in the groove. Actually, I don’t know how long I walked for (until I got tired) because I haven’t gotten my watch repaired yet. But at least it started the day off ‘right’.

The result of which was that I was feeling tired by the time I went upstairs to get ready for work. Which was fairly productive anyway. But a sad reminder of just how much work there is in the world. (I assume that I’m not the only person with a longer to-do list than time.) Still, by tomorrow I should actually have some stuff done. Well, practically done. Except for the external reviews and then any revision. But it was still a good start.

Though we did set back any health benefit from walking start by having desert before supper. (A supper of gas station pizza at that.) Several deserts, actually. After Wendy’s Sundays we visited my parents’ house and there’s always cookies or something in their larder. Which is my weakness. See food, eat food. Mmmm, cookies.

But don’t feel down for me. I just got one of those ‘Jesus Loves You’ chain emails. I’m not forwarding it but it was still encouraging.

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