Walkabout Friday

I took Friday off because I had a non-work meeting in the afternoon that I expected to take the last half of the work day. Boy it did. One of the guys, new to the issue, was rather nonplussed to discover this when he sat down to the tale.

But having the morning off the day started checking some emails. A group invitation to do a fun-walk. http://www.radiocayman.gov.ky/pls/portal/docs/PAGE/RCYHOME/HELP/FORMS/BREEZE%20FUSION%20RUN-WALK%20FORM%20-2011.PDF Which seemed a good cause and a good distance and a good goal to turn my morning walks towards. I think I’ll start Monday. If its stopped raining by then. 🙂

Suzanne went over by her mom’s for ‘breakfast’ and by the time she got back had decided to take the morning off too. And informed me she had set a meeting with the cabinet maker for 10am. Before the meeting with a contractor for 11am. Which meant it was time to end my lazy morning and get ready to go.

So meeting, meeting, lunch, looong meeting it was time to pick Suzanne up and go to my parents for dinner. (After one more errand on the way.) Suzanne, not remembering why I had been taking the day off anyway was walking up and down in front of her office waiting for me to come, in a tizzy because she couldn’t reach me by phone. (I cleared two messages from her off our house phone last night, she’d called my mom and I bet there’s a message on my office phone 🙂

By the time we got home after all of that we walked straight in to bed. So ended Walkabout Friday.

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