Week End / Start

Is it really time off if you’re doing more than if you were working? That’s how Thursday went. I was off work but dropped Suzanne in, ran errands, then finished off with two NGO meetings (taking Suzanne home in between) and got home later than if I had just gone to work. Friday wasn’t much better but I was working (plus various errands) and it did have the pay-off of our office Christmas party that night. Saturday I was up and out and doing NGO work for a couple of hours then errands then took Suzanne shopping; which morphed from ‘one stop’ to ‘we’re doing nothing else tonight’. Sunday we could relax in for a bit then church then family for the entire afternoon and now accounting for the night. (Suzanne is watching Wave Rider which we rented last night. I might get to watch it sometime, if I’m lucky Mon/Tue.) And tomorrow? Suzanne is talking about us getting up for work before sunrise. At least I should be able to get a lot done. We’ve also been checking the construction site when we can. its up to the roof now, pouring that tomorrow hopefully. Unfortunately we keep forgetting to take the camera with us so no proper updates there.

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