Is it only Monday?

Its been a long day. We made it to work before the sun; I waited with Suzanne at her office for a bit then went to mine and did some stuff until the rest of my crew came in early then we geared up and headed out.

When we went out through the reef it was a bit rough but by picking a good time we only had a bit of pounding. The other guy on the boat thought it great fun. He hadn’t brought his dive gear to work so while we waited on the BRUVs to run for 90 minutes all we could do was sit around on the boat. We’d brought stuff to read but then the rains came in so all we could do was huddle in our rain jackets waiting for time to pass. By then the sea had picked up from 4-5ft to 5-6ft; a real difference. Fortunately we were able to retrieve the gear without any big waves coming through. Then it was ‘pick the back of a wave and pray it behaves through the cut’. Actually, that went smoothly. Textbook in fact. We didn’t pound until we were well inside the channel and the wave had dropped out so much I didn’t notice until we overran it. Though after a heartfelt “thank God” I turned to the other guy and said “that answers the question about the next set [outside another channel] – we’re not going back out”.

So we packed up and went home. Then I collected Suzanne from work and we went by her mom’s and helped with the Christmas/Wedding preparations. But afterwards we got to watch some TV and had supper. Now we’re home and Suzanne has gone to bed; I’ve got a bit more work to finish before tomorrow starts. And its only Monday.

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