Week End-ing

Merry Christmas. For real this time. Not because there’s no work, but Happy Birthday Baby Jesus merry.

Saturday was good. Mostly vacation with just a little bit of running around on behalf of my better half. Here’s the problem with getting home at 4am with your girls (Suzanne Friday night; not a problem itself) is that you don’t get out of bed until after 10am (Suzanne Saturday; not a problem and not unusual in itself) but that you then don’t get ‘tired’ until oh, say, almost midnight (still normal). So you’re spring cleaning at 11pm (not normal) and tip over the filing cabinet. In retrospect this was probably a good thing since I could jump out of bed and help catch it and between the two of us we could get it straightened up without anything, like the compact fluorescent bulb in the lamp on top of it, breaking.

Sunday is starting off more pedestrian (no crashes yet), with Suzanne barefoot in the kitchen and Christmas music on the radio (all of the stations seem to have an aversion to too many actual carols). The rest of the day? Full speed ahead until Christmas. – But the orange breakfast rolls just came out of the oven so I’m going to pre-start the first of many meals today. – Wassail!

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