New Year – Old News

Friday Suzanne’s office brought in food so my cunning plan of taking her to lunch on her half-day off was foiled. We ended up over by my family’s visiting that evening. They came by to see the construction progress Saturday afternoon, after I’d gotten to take my wife to lunch and we’d run some errands.

Bothwell Family Viewing roof

Suzanne Beachcombing

Unfortunately Suzanne didn’t feel well Saturday night so we stayed home for the New Year. She wasn’t 100% until the next afternoon but by then was feeling a bit cooped up so we took a drive around the Island, looked for shells and stopped at a beach bar for some food and looked at the boats at their dock. We ended off at her Aunt’s house, talking with them. Which gave her cousin a chance to show off his new Toshiba tablet computer. I’d admit to computer envy but I want something bigger, not smaller, than I have now.

(A note about the pictures – I really need to get a picture editing programme. Right now I have to tell MS Picture Viewer to email a picture, then save it from the email attachment to get it down to a postable size. And red-eye correction would be nice too. But at least Paint can crop, if I want to.)

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