Week in Walks

Monday I didn’t go walking because it rained during the night. So after closing the window I turned the alarm off. I could probably have gone, it wasn’t that wet but it was a holiday Monday which made it really easy not to want to go. – Want probably isn’t the right word.

Tuesday I had a nice walk, close to 30 minutes. Wednesday shorter since my knee started to stiffen up a bit. Thursday and Friday I was able to do ‘full’ walks of ~25 minutes. Same route as Tuesday but perhaps a little faster. I might be getting back into this whole walking thing.

Saturday I couldn’t sleep late as Suzanne has a 9am appointment; only 30 minutes later than we need to be at work during the week but further away but there shouldn’t be rush-hour traffic but I got up the same time anyway. However, it did mean I had no time pressure so I could extend my route. I walked for about 40 minutes today. That’s a good length walk. And my knee isn’t feeling too stiff yet. So, except that I still need to work out a route around the neighbourhood that doesn’t involve quite so many road-crossings to stay on the correct side of the road, I may be up to my target walk time for weekday mornings.

My long-term ‘goal’ (again, too strong a term) is to get up to about an hour on Saturdays and a minimum of three miles. Then I can start trying to cut that time for that distance. But why three miles? That’s the usual distance of the ‘charity walks’ around here – 5K. Because of a work trip I missed a shorter one last year when I was actually walking regularly but the idea of ‘working up’ to doing some of those walks is an idea I’ve been toying with for at least a year. However, the first one this year is both too early and still too long for me (to do in a respectable time).

Hmm, I’ve just noticed, in going to look it up, that its not actually until the 29th of this month. However, the Stride Against Cancer is also twice as long as my target distance. And that’s the short course. I think I’ll leave that one to the serious runners.

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