Time Out Tuesday

I’ve got the evening off by accident. We were supposed to either (a) work late or (b) meet up w/ Suzanne’s sister. But that got put off to tomorrow; when we were supposed to meet some other friends for happy hour. When it rans it pours as they say.

Last Thursday we went to a ‘reception’ for one of the projects from my work –  a shark (and cetacean) survey. We had a good turn-out of people, from the Minister to reporters. In fact, you can read all about it if you want: http://www.ieyenews.com/2012/01/caybrew-makes-shark-donation/. So raise a beer to conservation.

Friday we just came home and crashed. Saturday was also normal;  I took Suzanne to her appointment and we did a couple of other things on the way home. Then she went to sleep and I did some homework and then went to work for a bit, followed by the grocery shopping on the way home. But then my weekend started. I did nothing much that wasn’t relaxation related for the rest of the weekend. Very nice.

Monday we visited Suzanne’s family after dinner. I picked up some fried chicken on monthly special as a treat: http://www.ecayonline.com/view_company_information.asp?fivepm_company=5031. But I don’t think they were too impressed that I didn’t need drinks or sides since I was taking it home. Truth to tell Suzanne was surprised to learn it didn’t at least have fries with the box-o-chicken. But I think the Stove Top w/ mixed veggies worked well with it last night. And again tonight. And tomorrow for lunch. (It was a big box of chicken for just the two of us.)

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