Weary Wednesday

It feels like its been a while since I updates, which means its one of those weeks again.

Monday we were supposed to work late but didn’t because we had to come home and feed the dogs and do some other stuff to get ready for the week. Tuesday I had a meeting (CICSA) after work. Way after work. Wednesday we worked late a bit and did the grocery shopping and accounts. Some accounts. Oh yeah, and we’re feeding the dogs in the morning because we have no time in the evenings. Tomorrow, Thursday, I have another meeting (National Trust Executive Council) after work that is notorious for going long. But at least the next day is Friday, right? Right …

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One Response to Weary Wednesday

  1. To add insult to injury Suzanne couldn’t sleep well Wednesday night and so got up and went down stairs. But at some point she began watching/listening to the internet and frying food and washing dishes, which meant I couldn’t sleep. On the positive I have been able to get a bit of construction/personal accounting work done before dawn.

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