What Weekend?

Thursday was a Janus. Up too early but at least I got work done. No one in line at the bank but the but the teller still took a long time to tend to me but at least I was able to get everything done in half my lunch hour. I got everything done in the lab but barely had time to get Suzanne home and then back to my meeting, which went long but at least was productive and had snacks. – Why so much focus on dichotomy for this day? Maybe too I’ve been watching many Batman movies recently.


Friday was a normal day. Suzanne was tired of work by the end of it so instead of joining work colleagues after work, which invariably means talking about work, we went up on our new roof and had a rum and coke and talked about other stuff instead. Then we picked up some KFC and went over by my parents and had a nice visit with my mom and sister (my dad was working late and then had a long phone-call with an old friend of the family).

Saturday I got out for my walk but my route wasn’t quite long enough, 40-45 minutes, to properly count as a long walk. So much for my ‘great spiral’ plan. Towards the end I stopped and chatted with one of the neighbours and after leaning on her fence for a couple of minutes my arms and legs felt like sacks of sand when I started back. I definitely need to work on working the long walk into my weekly schedule. 30 minutes in the morning just isn’t enough, though my pace is getting good. After that it was errands and chores. Grocery shopping, take Suzanne to the cinema (Underworld 3/4D), go collect farm produce, go to the cinema for Suzanne’s sister’s birthday with their dad (Dragon Tatoo 2, which was surprisingly about as good as the original version, though I still don’t understand the desire to make another one when the first was well done. The heroine wasn’t quite as charismatic but the hero was more so so it actually makes a bit more sense; though not a huge difference.)

Sunday we had to attend an awards service which was actually quite well done then we grabbed some food and had a wee rest before clearing the apartment for some friends Suzanne was inviting over. Then I got kicked out so they could have ‘girl time’. Which was OK, I got some other stuff done, read the paper and watched the football games. Defensive thrillers both. Though the local TV rebroadcast of the second game cut off with a minute+ left to play, game tied, to show CSI Miami. Clearly their programmer had not expected overtime when he set the computer before leaving work on Friday.

Today is a public holiday, hooray, so I was able to get in my long walk. A full hour this time and I could feel the difference. But not too much stiffness during the walk so I think I’m about where I want to be with the walks. I just need a longer route so I’m not ‘walking in circles’ quite so much and knowing that there are a lot of short-cuts that would take me home faster. Now Suzanne has headed out to work to prepare for tomorrow. I’m doing homework; accounts, computer maintenance, etc. – Oh, look at the time. Time for a lunch break.

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