A Week?

If its been a week between posts you know its been one of those weeks. It was a good thing I got out for a long walk on Monday because Tuesday Suzanne had us to work before 5am. Wednesday she was up ~3:45am working. Thursday we forgot to reset the alarm so it went off at 4am instead of 6am. Not conducive to getting back up to go walking. Friday I got the alarm sorted and got out for a nice walk. Also Saturday, though I wasn’t back on pace for a long walk so 46 minutes was pretty tiring. I had hoped to start back properly on Monday but I have to be at the TV station for 6:45am. Suzanne is not impressed.

We didn’t do anything very interesting during the week itself. Work and chores at home. A lot of dish washing and trying to keep on top of various paperwork. Saturday kind of got away from us after a good start going to the armer’s market and stopping at the grocery store for a few basics we vegged during the heat of the day. I read junk and worked on my computer. I updated Thunderbird (recommended security update) which necessitated updating Lightning only to discover that the latest Lightning is not compatible with the latest Thunderbird because its compatible with the next version of Thunderbird which is supposed to come out next week so next weekend I’ll probably be doing all of this again. (I did find a semi-updated Lightning that worked, fortunately, o I’d be really annoyed.)

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