Working Through The Week

Thursday was a long day. I got up on time and was feeling pretty good so I extended my walk to 50 minutes. Getting ready took us a while though. Work was normally, if only mildly productive. We had some construction distractions to deal with. So we worked late, until 7pm. Food and Caddy Shack after that and it was a done night. (At least I was able to get some accounting done while Suzanne made supper.) Suzanne enjoyed Caddy Shack and realised she hadn’t seen it before. Every time I see it I’m surprised by (a) how young the actors look, (b) how uninspired some of the scenes are, like they just put the actors on the set and said ‘improvise’, (c) something else – in this case how risqué the movie was/is and, now that I think about it, (d) how well the gopher puppet still works/looks.

Wednesday wasn’t much better. I got a normal walk in then went diving. For work I hasten to add. Not that it was much work as someone else drove the boat, etc. So I had a nice dive and practised my fish counting and took some pictures and checked on some other research deployments we had in the area. Then when I got back to my desk for the afternoon I discovered a late meeting request and that Suzanne had been calling for me to say she had signed us up to go to the National Gallery opening. So in the end I did the meeting and Suzanne brought me a change of clothes and shoes (fortunately she arrived just as the ‘how do we communicate our decision’ stage of the meeting was going, so I didn’t miss much) and we went and were artsy. The Gallery is an attractive complex.

Friday’s not starting any better. Suzanne has decided to go jogging with a friend of hers this morning. The friend leaves her house at 5am. On the bright side I’ve been able to get some homework done before its time for my walk at 6am. Its my turn to drive the boat today, so that should be ‘fun’ with a tired brain.

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