Another Normally Long Week

Someone saw me Tuesday and said it looked like I was on vacation. I had to disabuse them. Though I was going diving I was getting paid for it. You know its a heavy week when the highlight is work.

Tuesday I spent two hours under water, so that’s all good. Wednesday we had a pair of sharks follow us from the wall dive in to the shallow dive. People pay good money for that sort of charismatic megafauna. (Though these two were a pair of little 5ft reef sharks with fairly retiring personalities; they just hung around to see what we were up to but never came close enough to be distracting much less unfriendly. Though one of them did manage to swim across the transect line and get counted in our survey.)

Tuesday night we went to a public meeting which was informative but long. Wednesday night we helped Suzanne’s mom with some computer work. Thursday I took the day off which worked out as only fair since we had a meeting in the morning (which we had not been able to prepare for the previous two nights, D’oh) and I had one in the afternoon. The afternoon got cancelled, but I didn’t see the emails since I was off work, so I ended up going in to work anyway and clearing a couple of ‘pending yesterday’ items … well, really just moving them forward if I am brutally honest.

Through all of this we’ve been checking on the work site regularly. Things, mostly electrical, are moving along. Not quickly or smoothly (there’s been a lot of jack-hammering today for example) but it is moving. The tragicomedy of the day was that overnight someone shat in the building, beneath the stairway. I feel bad for the workers who had to work around and otherwise deal with it. Not in their job description. That reminds me, I need to follow up something with the foreman. And the architect. And … I think I’ll go to bed now.

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