Too Long Tuesday

Since I felt kind of bad about not getting all of my paperwork done on Monday I planned to go in to work early on Tuesday so I could finish it before going diving. Diving is still work, but it doesn’t impress the people waiting in their offices for the paper-work. Unfortunately the alarm I thought was set for 6am was set for 5:30. Suzanne just kind of waved from the bed and decided she’d get a ride in with someone else. On the way in I realised I had forgotten my lunch. And I got to the work site before the plumbers so I couldn’t deliver the fixtures we had got yesterday. Then, when the first of the rest of the research crew got in to work at 8:30 it turned out that one of the others was down sick, so the trip would be put off to Wednesday. And that was just the pre-morning, imagine how the rest of the day went.

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