Out of politeness I asked Suzanne last night if she’d like to go along this morning. She said yes. Then decided that we should set the alarm for 5am instead of 6am, so we could get ‘everything’ done before it was time to go to work. Then she decided we should do yoga instead of walking. Sometime later I realised if we were doing yoga maybe we didn’t need to wake up so early since we weren’t leaving home, but was too asleep to have that discussion. At 5am Suzanne decided it was too early to get up. At 6am, which came surprisingly quickly after the first alarum, the walking alarm went off and she nudged me out of bed to turn it off. However, as I was putting on my shoes downstairs I could hear a susurus from outside. It couldn’t be, could it? Yes, when I walked out I walked back in because it was raining. So, not only have I gotten up tireingly early this morning but I haven’t gotten my walk in. Its almost enough to make a man want to take up ding yoga in front of the DVD player.

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