Weak Week Update

Friday I got out for a short walk, which was nice. Saturday also. A shorter walk since the dog came to walk with me (someone left the gate open) so I had to walk around other dogs and avoid the main road.

Saturday I spent on Little Cayman for a National Trust Council meeting. It was a good meeting. One of the members there is a chef and took lunch upon herself. Mmmm. I  needed a longer walk that morning. I ended up taking the rest of the weekend off, essentially, and finished reading my novel (Solomon Kane).

Monday Suzanne was up at 4am working. I had to get up to help her download the work she had emailed home. At least I got a nap afterwards before I did some accounting instead of going walking. Tuesday we, or at least Suzanne – I sat in her office – went to work early before a meeting at the job site.We were able to work out a few issues. But flagged several more that need resolving last week. Two steps forward, one step back is still progress. The residential plumbing is about done (the roof drains no longer flood the apartment, it all goes outside now) and the electricians are moving along steadily. Now we just need to get the A/C back, the A/V in (we met with them on Tuesday) and the security. Which was my job from weeks ago but it kept getting pushed back by more ‘need it now’ topics.

Wednesday should be a long day. I have a work meeting after work. But I’m slowly churning through various projects at work. By next week I’ll hopefully be in a position to work forward instead of working on what with short due dates. We’ll see how that goes.

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