Its been a good week for walks. The weather has been nice and despite some later-than-preferred nights I have persevered and achieved a full week (6 of 7 days) of walking in the morning having restarted after a break of quite some time. I am always pleasantly surprised when picking something back up after a hiatus (usually a video game) that my ‘muscle memory’ is still there and this has proved so this week. I started off short and quickly moved up to 30-45 minutes. This morning I loged 50 minutes and if the way I felt was any indication the other mornings were closer to 30 than 45. This has been helped significantly by a particular pack of dogs having be fenced in which means I can walk a more straightforward route. It was not helped by ‘sleeping in’ an hour this morning so it was a bit hotter than normal and I got hungry along the way.

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