What a week end. Picking up from where I left off last post, Suzanne was down sick with the cold last weekend, which meant no boating. But I did play enough PSP GTA:LCS to get sore thumbs.

Monday I went in to work for a bit and then to the cinema to watch two movies, Ghost Rider & Titans. Both were Grade-B, as expected from their first iterations. However, both were fun to watch on the big screen. By going to the 2D matinee I was able to save enough to justify the big screen. Unfortunately I then blew it by letting my stomach choose the snacks for the second movie. Theres only ~50 cents difference between the larges and the smalls at the cinema but the base price per item is so high that I spent more on snacks than it cost to get in to the movie. Ghost rider had a passable plot, with the oh so obvious ‘twists’ in the middle that it would have been more surprising if they hadn’t happened. At least the characters made more sense than Titans. Titans’ plot and characters were just there to produce big scenes, these were good scenes and why I wanted to see it at the cinema. But the whole guy/girl part of the story, well, I guess we’ll just have to chalk that up to ‘stressful situation attraction’. Because they sure didn’t chalk it up to anything. Though I am rooting for a Titans 3 – Rise of the Roman Gods, just to completely confuse the whole metaphysics they’ve based their ‘plot’ on.

Tuesday, uhm, Tuesday is why I should update these postings more regularly. Seem with Wednesday. Though somewhere in there some of Suzanne’s family stopped by for several hours which was nice. Its always nice when people come over, even if we can’t accommodate visitors in our apartment right now.

Thursday we went to Rundown. Its a local review play. It was enjoyable and its webpage definitely doesn’t do it justice. But that’s probably a reflection of how most people in Cayman still don’t get their information from websites. We’re still very much mass media down here. Except we also don’t pay much attention to radio/newspapers/etc., so getting information out is challenging. But I digress. As for rundown, some funny parts some topically funny pieces and several that went too long. But with the writer being the director there is no editor.

Friday Suzanne went out with her girlfriends and I took the night off. I read online comics and watched a movie and was generally unproductive. – Yes, I had had productive plans for a Friday night. So sad. Not much planned, I hasten to add, but something. Oh well.

Saturday morning we did some accounting and budgeting for the building (some of which I wanted to do Friday night) and then checked the site – we got windows this week, its very exciting – and ran some construction errands. In the afternoon we went on a beach picnic with Suzanne’s dad and sister.

Sunday I spent the day diving. Two in the morning shooting lionfish. The first was on a nice, little dove, section of wall. Quite pretty reef and we removed a few lionfish. The second we ended up in the port anchorage. It was like diving a quarry. Very interesting from my perspective as I’d never seen what it was like (except some video of a different section). Not so good a dive site, however. (Its not a dive site, actually, for obvious reasons of lack of reef. Between we and the boat driver who was dropping groups off dive sites so that we could find lionfish we clearly took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, as Bugs Bunny used to say.) Interestingly though we did get several lionfish. It was their kind of habitat. Hard bottom with lots of rocks to hide around. Though not a lot of forage it looked like; obviously there was enough to keep them in the area. And no regular diver visitation to keep the numbers down. The third dive was a fish-count dive at the Kittiwake. he site is heavily dived so no lionifsh to report there as any that did show up would soon be shot. The wreck is at the sandchute site and this has always been a great dive. It has some fantastic coral buttresses that rise up quite a long way from the bottom. Or, perhaps more accurately, the bottom goes down a long way from the top. They’re like mini-walls on top of the real wall. And then there’s the shipwreck itself. Always neat to dive them but it does take away from the scale and grandeur that was Sand Chute to have this honking great ship sunk in the middle of it. Oh well, things change, life goes on and the diving is good. On my way down to the dive I got in to a minor car accident. A literal fender bender. I got clipped by a tourist pulling into trafic. Fortunately no one was hurt and my car just got a few little scrapes. It looks like their bumper just brushed my wheel hub. However, the corner of their front bumper got ripped up. Fortunately I had a great dive afterwards to take my mind off it. What a good way to celebrate Earth Day. (I’d been invited on the afternoon dive and saw that the morning one was going cheep and thought ‘that’s copecetic, let me try to make them both’ and it worked out grandly.) Ah, diving, what a grand way to spend the day.

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