Tired Thursday

Despite our best attempts we had a good day at work today. Its practically a tradition that things will go wrong on our annual conch survey. So last night I found out that 1/3rd of my team were going to be unavoidably late today. We didn’t get the second boat on the water until ~ noon. However, when one of the guys came in this morning to start preparing the first boat he found that when I had put the metal clipboard into the boat I managed to short out the battery. And the tide was so low several of the areas we survey were practically out of water. (The really shallow spots we usually can’t get to were actually out of water. We actually saw conchs on ‘dry’ land.) The guys were actually thinking of using a boogie board instead of a boat for some parts. However, we got everything done by 2pm and while I was ‘power assisted snorkelling’ I saw two big lobsters out wandering around (lets hear it for protected areas) and several tiny sea slugs. A good day on the water.

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