Pain in the back weekend

We were moving stuff at work on Friday and I ‘strained’ a muscle in my back which made for a very annoying evening. Fortunately its been getting better with rest and a bit of stretching. Saturday was errands, including a meeting with the contractors; more issues to be resolved. Sunday we ended up at dinner with some of Suzanne’s family which was very, very enjoyable. Food and conversation of good quality and quantity. Its Monday and my back is mostly OK, just some mild twinges of pain left,a bit more rest and stretching and it should be back to normal. Hopefully I won’t stress it too much this week. today was a good start with lots of meetings which means lots of rushing and lots of waiting but nothing strenuous. Tomorrow I’m in the lab which shouldn’t be too bad but Wednesday we’re back out conching, which will be the real test.

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