What I Do

Recently, someone asked me what this ‘conching’ thing is I’ve been doing at work. (Actually, they asked me what a conch is, but you can web-picture-search that.) So, this is what I do at work. Some days.


The two things in my right hand are conch. Large edible marine snails. It has a hard shell so it looks a bit like a rock, from the outside. The pole is to fend off tiger sharks. … Actually, its to measure distance under water as we only sample a set area (24 sq m). But if a tiger shark ever swam by we could measure it too. However, that’s never happened. Sharks in the water tend to swim the other way when they see people and they see us before we see them. Noisy, floundering, insensitive beasts that we are in water. I used to joke that I had seen more shark tails than sharks when I was diving. Also, that you can tell a diver because they’re the one chasing the shark. Me? I just chase conchs. They don’t move as fast.

Oh yeah, you’ll note that the sky is not always blue in the Caribbean. Those are the days that you want to go out on the water. But hey, its a living. (And still better than data entry in the office. 🙂

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