Things Work Out

Is a weekend as long as a work week still a weekend, or should it count as a proper vacation? Either way its been a good break. Since I had to work the last holiday Monday and we were taking off today after this holiday Monday I took off Friday as well, which gave me five days of nothing to do. Despite a few pangs of conscience I’ve pretty much kept to that schedule.

Saturday we had planed to go to the beach and invited some cousins to join us. Except it was raining and Suzanne’s face suggested that it didn’t’ match her idea of a picnic at the beach if the pizza was soggy. So we went and camped out on my parent’s back porch as being the next available venue. Which meant a lot of calling around with my sister trying to find telephone numbers for everyone I had emailed. We had a few people make it, just enough that you could talk to everyone. And no one had to shower off because they were full of salt afterwards either. (And I had cold pizza for breakfast the next day. Which a friend of mine once scandalised a teacher by saying was his favourite breakfast. In Spanish class.)

Apparently Suzanne has just fund a really good movie for us to watch so I’ll postpone preparing to do some errands before rush hour this afternoon (should get something responsible done on my day off) and go cuddle up on the couch with her instead.

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