What A Week

The week started with a vengeance on Wednesday when I got in to work and found out about a National Trust meeting that evening. Though I suppose it wasn’t too bad since, with some judicious use of vacation days, the long weekend was a five-day weekend.

Thursday we had another evening event we had to go to. But that was my parents 40th Anniversary dinner. So that wasn’t a bad thing either.

And Friday. A lot of running around and ended up working late. But its Friday, which is practically the weekend. So that can’t be bad. And we ended up hanging out w/ Suzanne’s sister & brother-in-law at their apartment after giving them a tour of the construction site. So that was a good evening.

Now its Saturday morning. Suzanne started it off by waking me up and saying I had to come help her when she helped with something. And then this afternoon I have to make the fourth when she plays tennis with some friends one of whom was smart enough to duck out. (So any of us look like we play tennis?) But at least my job for the morning is done so I’m just here “keeping company” and using the wifi.

What a week. Not a bad one at all.

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