Life has been busy. This weekend is a good example.

Friday we went to a concert to benefit the music programme at a local primary school; a one woman musical theatre recital put on by one of my cousins who’s just starting her masters in musical theatre. Or something similar. She’s very good. Though I’m obviously biassed. The theatre was packed, though, so that should help the school a bit. Afterwards we went out to a nearby restaurant with some others from the audience. At the bar other people we knew were hanging out so we stopped by them for a bit after dinner.

Saturday I went to work as Suzanne went to breakfast with a friend and kids. Then we met up with Suzanne’s sister and her husband and had lunch out with them. After which we met some other of Suzanne’s friends for a drink at Sunset. Suzanne wanted to get some videos and since Blockbuster is next to Dominoes we had a nice night in watching the first two Bourne movies.


After watching the third Bourne movie Sunday morning, while Suzanne cooked, we had unch with her family and then lunch with my family and then went to the cinema to see the latest Bourne movie. It was OK but suffered, in my opinion, from obviously being a set-up movie for the next/rest in this portion of the series. But as I said to someone this morning, who also saw it Sunday as it happened (small world) ‘if you liked this one you’ll like the first ones’.

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