Mon/Tue Again

Oh, look, a week has gone by again. A very full week. Full of work and visiting friends and family and more work. But at least a couple of things are coming to a head and so in another week will be about over. I’m sure there will be ‘follow up’ but hopefully there will also be progress. Actually, there will be progress no matter what. That’s the great (and frightening) thing about things. No matter what they keep progressing in some way so eventually things are resolved. Even if not as well as if you’d put in more work in advance. (Drat, just saying that has me thinking about Monday’s job, the next ‘big thing’ after the one this week and simultaneous with a couple that I’ve been working on this week for next week.) Clearly too much work and not enough ‘free’ time. I’ll need to work on that …. sometime.

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