Full Day

So after work ended today, or after work should have ended, we had three different events to try and juggle. First we went to a book signing by one of Suzanne’s colleagues. Except we got there much before it was actually scheduled to begin. No problem. That meant that we could go to the opening of the Credit Union‘s new building (we’re both active members). Except we had to leave mid-speech by the board chairman because Suzanne needed to drop me to the National Trust AGM. I’m on the board there so wanted to be in attendance. (Good thing too as it was one of those years with a low turnout.) Suzanne was then going to go back and try and catch the book signing to support her colleague but decided that the food at the Credit Union event was more important by that time of evening. She caught the end of their programme, chatted a bit, got some food and then fortunately checked her phone to discover that I was finished and in need of my ride. And that was all before we got home. After work.

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