Long Weekend

I gave myself a long weekend by taking off Monday. To do errands. That was my mistake.The weekend started from Thursday. We went over to a friend’s house in the evening. Suzanne wanted to learn to make icing flowers. Turns out our friend wasn’t any better than Suzanne. But it was a good visit and Suzanne got to practice and get her hand in. Which was good since she took Friday off to, among other things, make icing flowers. We had a colleague leave us at work on Friday so, after his farewell, actually, during it, Suzanne picked men up and we went and had drinks with one of her friends for her birthday. Then we left that party after the reinforcements arrived and went to Suzanne’s mom’s to set up for a tea party Suzanne was organising for her grandmother on Saturday. Remember the icing flowers?

Saturday Suzanne baked cupcakes and did lots of other stuff. I helped a bit but really got off lightly. Sunday Suzanne cleaned up and I again got off lightly. We also moved some bits of furniture in to our new apartment. Its not finished yet but close enough that we could get the chair Suzanne bought earlier in the week out of the back of the car where it had been ever since. That night we had dinner with my folks and feasted on the remaining canapés from the party. Including cupcakes for desert.

Monday I took off work. I woke up and thought ‘how nice, I can put my feet up as I’m on vacation’. Then I remembered I had to get ready like normal to take Suzanne to work and run errands. We put gas in the car and picked up Suzanne’s new glasses (she wears them well). And that was before I dropped her to work. Many errands later after a frustrating day of things not going smoothly (its why I took a day off to do them, but still annoying) I picked Suzanne up and we went to our church meeting. At least that went well. (See, proof there is a God.)

Now, on to tomorrow!

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