Rum, Sweet Rum

Well, I just recently passed through Miami International Airport and, since someone was asking about liquor prices, I took some notes on the the rum as I was picking up a 1L bottle of Ron Zacapa 15yr old which, at $36, seemed to hit the value point for me that evening. The real value is probably the Appleton VX, 1L, for $18, which is what I usually get to keep my cabinet stocked. Another interesting option for that purpose would be the Bacardi 8yr at $26 for 1L, but probably only if you wanted variety. Similarly the Ron Botran and some of the other ‘mixing’ options. The Flor de Cana (12yr, $30 & 18yr, $40) wasn’t in the running despite being good rum because they only came in 750cl bottles. Which means ‘wasting’ 1/4 of my duty free allowance (1L) plus their price per centilitre is higher than Ron Zacapa. The Zacapa was also available in 23 year old, for $52 for a litre, which was very tempting but even at the end of a ‘cheap’ trip was still a bit high. Though worth it if you’re just starting your vacation. And the Ron Zacapa XO for $93 was just too much for something so disposable. At some point you have to accept that all the Ferari really does is sit in rush hour traffic and another option would be just as good. Which brought me back to the 15 year old. Just make sure to have a sip or two before adding the cola.

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