Rum Home

The other day we happened to be in a local grog shop picking up some wine to be sociable. So I decided to price check the rums to compare to the prices in Miami airport. Most were a bit more expensive. Even before taking the currency conversion in to account. ($1Us = $0.84CI) Oddly, the Ron Zacapa 15 was the biggest difference. More interestingly the local shop had 1.75L bottle of Appleton VX. Now that’s what you want to walk in to the party with, if you’re not planning on leaving until the next day.

Ron Zacapa 15, 1L $36.00 $57.00 $21.00
Appleton VX 1L $18.00 $32.99 $14.99
Bacardi 8 1L $26.00 $36.00 $10.00
Flor de Cana 12, .75 $30.00 $35.00 $5.00
Flor De Cana 18, .75 $40.00
Ron Zacapa 23, 1L $52.00 $71.00 $19.00
Ron sacapa XO $93.00
Appleton VX 1.75L $56.49
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