Sunday was a very churchy day. We were supposed to be having a ‘home meeting’ for a final post-session for a study series we had been doing at Suzanne’s church. The meeting was down in West Bay. So we thought we’d go to the Catholic church down there. Except by the time we got there it had taken in and people were standing in the vestibule. (Churches don’t have foyers don’cha know.) So we went to my church instead as their new, earlier start time was still later than this at least. I joked that the only way I could make it on time now was to get late for another service. Suzanne was not amused. So we went to church and then went to the house meeting where a delightful meal was had by all. Mmmm, pot luck brunch.


Monday has been more of a hum drum uphill of a day. But then I guess it is a Monday, right?

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