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I just watched Sinbad: Legend of the 7 Seas. Good movie. Only slightly let down by the ‘smart’ hero being a bit obtuse at the end. But I think they did portray him as being not so much smart as confidently resourceful so that’s not necessarily a fair complaint. (Just because I can meta-story what’s going to happen doesn’t mean the character would have seen through the plot device any faster. Though he did have days at sea to work it out.)

Probably what was best about it was (a) the slight variations on the well known stories. Like the angler fish as the island instead of the whale, which was great visual, though it staying on the surface for the Nantucket sleigh ride was a bit less believable, if you don’t think about how deep whales dive. Also the ice-roc was used well, if the shield-toboggan was a bit contrived; I think it was the only shield in the entire movie. And the whole mixing of GrecoRoman & Persian mythology works when you think of the nature of the ancient world and that its all stories anyway. Plus the whole tartarsu / end-of-the-flat-earth visualisation just rocked.

Also (b) that sometimes you just need totally impossible fantastic stories. That’s the problem with the modern world, there are no blank spaces on the maps, there is nothing that people can do that we don’t know about. (OK, so I exaggerate a bit.) Sometimes you want a story that’s pure over-the-top. And the guy catching the sword in his mouth in the first fight just put you on notice to sit back and enjoy the ride.

My big meta-story complaint was at the end. I’d have liked the girl to stick with her fiancée. But I’m a romantic. A practical romantic. “No dear, I thought I loved him, despite us always arguing, but it was only 10 days and I realised, at the end, when his head replaced yours on the chopping block, that I preferred it that way. I love the high seas adventure, but I love you more.” <kiss> – Now that’s an ending.

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