Rum Redux

Someone was coming through MIA the other day and I asked them to bring me a bottle of rum, if they weren’t using their duty free allowance. So they got me a 1L bottle of Ron Zacappa 23. (The store was out of RZ15, not that I’m complaining.) But they were ‘concerned’ it wasn’t that much cheaper. So as I was out running my Christmas errands I checked. 1LRZ23 in MIA is now US$58. In Cayman its CI$50 for 750ml or CI$68 for the litre. (1LRZ15 is CI$61.) So still a savings, but not as much as it used to be – I checked about a year ago: In that time the MIA price has gone up ($52 to $58) and the KY price has gone down ($71 to $68). Though it should be noted that I checked a different store on-island and I don’t know if the MIA stores have different pries between stores.

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