What Weekend?

Friday I had an opportunity to muse on the components of a party. And how they haven’t changed much since college. High school even. People, music, alcohol is good lubricant, stars are a nice option and a dance floor is a bonus. Dance floor under the stars? Double Points. Even if it is raining lightly sometimes. (And no one even fell in.)

However, to get there required Suzanne calling me after I got back in to the office after a mid-day event to say that she needed to leave early to get her hair done. Then a similar series of ‘oh, this needs to be done at a certain time today’ ate up Saturday which meant that the one thing I really wanted to get done I didn’t. So Monday, which was supposed to be a public holiday I spent washing up. Both the dishes at home that somehow built up over Saturday and in the lab at work. With some laundry thrown in for good measure. Its not hard work, but it wasn’t how I had planned to spend my public holiday. Especially not one that dawned cool and bright and not very windy. Good fishing weather.

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