My dad & I went fishing this morning. all we ran in to were some not very hungry barracuda. But at least we had a good morning out on the water. Good for clearing the head.

Yesterday my office began upgrading to Win7 & Office13. Aaargh. I had forgotten how much I dislike the ‘new’ file explorer design. And don’t even get me started on Office13. The window background colour ‘choices’ are going to either make be blind or puke. And I still can’t believe anyone likes the ‘hangman’s ribbon’. But the funniest was the hoops that the tech had to jump through to get Adobe Reader’s shortcut off the desktop. Of course some of that is probably corporate IT ‘security’ and not just bad software interface on Adobe’s part. Maybe. And, no, it’s not any faster than the old Windows/Office combo.

Tomorrow we’re having all of the in-laws over for lunch. The cat will be very upset she can’t come out and jump on the table with everyone else. But there’s a reason she gets locked away. Because she don’t learn nuttin.

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