Rum Division

As my regular readers will recall I occasionally have opportunity to price out rum. I recently went in to the store to pick up a 1.75L bottle of V/X. Because buying in bulk is cheaper, right? That day I happened to have a notepad on me with the rest of my shopping list. So I could subsequently price compare. 1.75L goes for $56.49 while 1L goes for $32.99. That means that the 1.75L costs $32.28 per litre. Uhm that means you save just under a buck-and-a-quarter (if it were possible to buy 2/3 of the 1L bottle). OK, so its a bit of silly maths but still made me feel like maybe I wasn’t getting that good a deal and should get the 1L of Ron Abuelo Anejo de Panama, which was again a little bit cheaper, instead. Clearly more research, of Ron Abuelo, is needed. (I can report that for the Happy Hour we hosted here on Friday it tasted fine but there’s a lot left in the bottle so we’ll have to see how well it goes down in the future.)

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