Computer Works

I got a new computer, a Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet/keyboard combo, a few months ago and I’ve been fighting with occasional ‘mouse loss’ ever since. – I really like the ‘transforming’ computer format. But the Dell/Win8 doesn’t seem quite ready for prime time. – Tonight the mouse dropped out again. maddeningly. I could tap buttons on the keyboard and get reactions but the mouse just wouldn’t move (and wouldn’t show most off the time). So, using the touch capability of the tablet computer I went back to looking for solutions. And found reference in one forum with a litany of people having similar problems (including bad keyboard connection problems which thankfully I don’t think I’ve been having) to the need to have the keyboard charged for it to work properly. (The keyboard battery discharges before the tablet battery, extending computer life.) So I plugged in and the mouse worked again. Hopefully this solves my problem. That the mouse touchpad stops working when there is no keyboard power but the rest off the keyboard doesn’t. Go figure. Silly Dell.

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