Diving Work

Yes, yes, it really is work. I found myself down at 60 feet on the top of the wall today thinking about the arrangements that needed to be made for next week’s work project. I had to stop and remind myself ‘hey, you’re SCUBA diving in Cayman –  this should be like a vacation’. A vacation day with three dives (don’t ask the work hours though) and several lionfish. The first two dives we saw two and I got one. Which is annoying because that little guy is going to be skittish now. But on the last dive we hit a ‘good’ patch and I ended up getting five. So I felt good enough about my ‘eye’ to leave the skittish one to run up in his hole without pushing the shot. Hopefully next time someone comes by he’ll be less wary. Yes, today was one of the good days on the job.

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