Monday Work

So its the holiday Monday of the long weekend, making it a long weekend, and I … shovelled gravel. No, I didn’t really, there’s not much gravel left. But I did work in the yard, removing a piece of broken fence. And scoping out the next step. (Shovelling marl to free up the next piece of fence to be removed, oh joy.) Then I went to work. By bicycle, because its healthier and better for the environment. (And because Suzanne had the car since she did brunch with a friend and then went to work herself.) But at least tonight we’re going to watch fireworks. By boat. (The most complicated way to do it, but hey, its ‘in a boat’.)

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Long Weekend

We’re having a long weekend and I started it off on Friday morning by shovelling gravel. And on Saturday by shovelling gravel. But at least I saw much of the football. Poor Suzanne was quite disappointed to learn that she had the day off today but so did the World Cup.

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So I had a pretty good weekend. A few chores got done and a few football games got watched. And what did we learn? (1) Don’t rely on defence. When you’re ahead by one ddon’t rock back and just defend, you have to keep the pressure on. Not only is the best defence a good offence but, well, the other guy might score. And then score again later. Grabbing victory from defeat. And (2) defence wins games. If you manage to hold the other team from scoring for an hour, besides them being a man up, even if they ‘look better’ (because you’re defending so much) then you’re probably the better team. (Just stop fouling.) So, to recap, what did we learn? Uhm, that I need to watch more futbol.

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On Friday we had friends over for Happy Hour and got jerk chicken from the stand next door. Who does good jerk. But we’d also had it on Thursday. And since he was ‘catering’ we ended up with more food than people (though the people made a good attempt). So we had jerk chicken on Saturday as well. By Sunday Suzanne decided she wanted something different. So she sent me to one of the Italian restaurants for penne pasta with salmon in pink vodka sauce. Which we’re still eating, so it turned out to be more economical than it seemed, but not as good as Suzanne’s salmon-vodka-pasta-sauce. Though I don’t think she’s convinced that she should cook a big pot of it again, something about eating salads regularly instead.

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Rum Division

As my regular readers will recall I occasionally have opportunity to price out rum. I recently went in to the store to pick up a 1.75L bottle of V/X. Because buying in bulk is cheaper, right? That day I happened to have a notepad on me with the rest of my shopping list. So I could subsequently price compare. 1.75L goes for $56.49 while 1L goes for $32.99. That means that the 1.75L costs $32.28 per litre. Uhm that means you save just under a buck-and-a-quarter (if it were possible to buy 2/3 of the 1L bottle). OK, so its a bit of silly maths but still made me feel like maybe I wasn’t getting that good a deal and should get the 1L of Ron Abuelo Anejo de Panama, which was again a little bit cheaper, instead.¬†Clearly more research, of Ron Abuelo, is needed. (I can report that for the Happy Hour we hosted here on Friday it tasted fine but there’s a lot left in the bottle so we’ll have to see how well it goes down in the future.)

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The weather has been odd all week. It was threatening to get bad later in the week, so we moved some of our boat work earlier, but it never really turned. Though it kept threatening. Then Saturday dawned dark and rainy. Which wasn’t so goo as we were going boating that afternoon. But it rained itself out and though it was overcast it was great weather for sailing in paradise. We had a really enjoyable trip out. So all’s well that ends well for last week.

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Monday’s Optional

At Sunday lunch my father-in-law, a very wise man, observed that ‘going to work on Mondays should be optional’. I wonder what my boss would think of the idea if I told her on Tuesday?

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