Another Day, Another …

So yesterday was another one of those days. To start out with I stabbed myself in the thumb trying to unjam someone else’s mistake then I forgot my water when we went out in the boat so I was drinking meltwater from a cooler of questionable cleanliness. However the weather was good and any day that ends with rum punch and BBQ on the beach can’t be all bad, right?

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Look, Fishies

We went for a deep snorkel today and saw a couple of barras, a curious black grouper, either an old wife or an ocean turbot but it swam away before I could get a good look and even a permit came in for a look before turning tail. So quite a neat little stop considering we just hung in one spot for a while.

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So I was out in one of our smaller work boats (16ft) today, which one of our officers had named ‘Osprey’. And boy could she fly. I was doing ~30kts at times and she wasn’t quite flat-out. Of course the weather was beautiful and it was like riding a log flume – hang on and don’t look around at the scenery –  keeping up with the boat who’s wake I was following in, but what a ride.  

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Another Good Day

Another Good Day in paradise. – When we turned in last night ~10pm the wind was still strong. I expected it to remain so. I even said as much. Imagine my pleasant surprise this morning to wake up, look out and see that it was still. Not a tree was shaking. So we had a beautiful day on the water. With no top on the boat so the sun was reflecting back up under the long-brimmed hat. But it was better than the alternative. Tomorrow we’ve got a lot of bot running so hopefully it will stay like this. I wonder if I should check now or wait to surprise myself tomorrow? – I always shook my Christmas presents.

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Washed Away

Tried going for a dive this evening but the current was too strong to swim against. Better luck later in the week I hope.

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Oatmeal Week

This week is like running through oatmeal. With more oatmeal poured in as you think you’re getting ahead. But, on the plus side I’m getting a lot of work done.

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Food Day

Happy Mothers’ Day. After celebrating in traditional Caymanian style our fridge is now at that happy place where it has more food in it than you can actually eat. Including a delightful trifle that a cousin made which works well for breakfast as well. 

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